Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Grandgirls! Azalea! Sunset! 1.19.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:26 pm  

I ordered my set yesterday.


I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I got to Global Mall earlier than ever! You know it’s early when Google Maps is still black!


My girls!

So many beautiful clouds today.

Everly helped me clean the glass doors.

We got more rain than snow and ice.

Everly and I went to Pho 24 today. Vietnamese sandwiches are so good.

She had fun playing with Play dough.

Went to Walmart to pick up a few things including strawberries!

I thought it was pretty windy, surprised at this reading. We don’t have wind from the South very often.

Turned out to be a nice day. Still pretty cool for me!

Our new thing is to wait for Penelope to get off the bus while we wait near her apartment. I think she felt like only the parents with really little kids met the bus. Cool with me if she wants to feel grown up.

Penelope liked the strawberries too.

I called my appliance guys to see if I could get someone to come look at my washing machine. They told me they’d give him the message. He didn’t work today.

Helped the kids with their homework.

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk I think.


The shots I was getting this evening were amazing.

So beautiful!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Grandgirls! Azalea! ISS! 1.18.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:30 pm  

Good one.

From the Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.


First thing this morning I checked Google Maps to see how my commute to Global Mall would be after the snow and ice. Clear sailing.

Cold morning.


Gorgeous! This was from my morning drive.

And this from when I got home this evening.

Great to see my girls!

I’m helping a friend with an unusual problem. He’s interested in using a botanica.

Adelante! After I write my blog, I’ll probably spend at least twenty minutes studying this evening. Particularly practicing pronunciation at full speed.

Got gas and checked fluids. Everly played on the rocks.

Ordered groceries. I’ll pick them up tomorrow on the way home. I hope. Sometimes they’re super busy and don’t have mine done.

Never too much Penelope! She’s such a blessing.

Took them to El Torerros for chips and cheese.

She’s learning to blow bubbles.

Helped the kids with their homework. It’s pretty hard for them. Impossible without my help, really. They need someone to explain how to do the stuff. Like how to multiply two large numbers with decimal points. Where to put the decimal point when the problem is finished.

As you can tell, it’s cold outside. I’m usually outside with them for two hours. Or more.

I remember giving her those hat and gloves.

Notification of the International Space Station. Tonight I saw it for my 75th time!


Getting ready for the big mission conference in Alabama in a couple of weeks.

Ordered Covid tests.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Nana! Movies! Rest! 1.17.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:21 pm  

Looks like we’re going to be in for a long winter.



I had to update my wardrobe to deal with all the snow drifts in my area.


Don’t think I’ll be able to see it this evening. Too cloudy.

Looked like the main roads were fine for travel.

Always more.

Very windy today.

I wondered what the temperature in Jerusalem was today. Colder than I expected.

My friend Anton wanted me to check out how well the dog beds his company makes is packed. I’ll do an unboxing for him.

Had a great talk with my Mom. It’s her birthday today! Woot! Love you, Nana!


I had a nice rest day and watched movies.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Snow! Anthony! 1.16.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:18 pm  

I love this.

Ultimate recycling.

This would be cool.


Let me at ’em.

Started snowing. Doesn’t seem too bad in our area. It’s supposed to freeze tomorrow which could make the roads a lot worse.

I thought this was wild.





Films and TV shows being shot in Georgia currently.

Had a fun chat with my buddy, Anthony.

Wow! This movie was terrific on Disney+ from National Geographic. About the kids caught in the cave in Thailand.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Bank! Podcast! Storm! 1.15.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:27 pm  

I find listening to the ATC interesting.

Big wintry storm headed our way this evening.


One day soon for me.

Here it comes.


I found Everly’s laser pointer.

Refilled Kathy’s truck’s radiator fluid reservoir.

Watered the inside plants.

Cleaned out the birdbaths. I’ve needed to do that for a while.

Deposited checks.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Wake Up Sauce.”

Friday, January 14, 2022

Grandgirls! PDK! Azalea! 1.14.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:00 pm  

We are expecting big weather this weekend.

It’s interesting to read about what affects GPS. It’s important to have a GPS lock when you’re flying drones.


Makes sense.


It was cold.


Setting up websites differently. J is in charge of that. Ashley does a lot of it as well.

I really enjoyed hearing this song today. It made me feel “full.”

Love my girls!

I like this perspective.

Everly and I went to Goodwill after going to Waffle House. She bought two computer devices for learning letters and sounds. She helped me figure out the sizes of batteries (Double AA and Triple AAA and what those words meant), that the flat part went against the spring and how you pushed it in.

We worked on brushing teeth.

Trimmed bangs.


I’m always glad when I can get Everly to take a nap. We rest and we feel better.

Did some verb review this evening.

I love how maternal Everly is.

I took the girls to the Downwind Airport at PDK Airport.

I practiced with my FlightRadar app.

Then to the Airplane Park. It’s a nice one-two combo.

Helped the kids with homework and learning multiplication tables.


Checked the mail at my office.

Picked up Jess from work.

Released Verbal Surgery -911- “Watching the Show.” So good.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Grandgirls! Bank! Azalea! 1.13.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:07 pm  

A friend of mine in the UK hears weird screaming sounds in his attic! I did a search on what animals might do that.

I had to make this image bigger to figure out what the silly green owl was doing.

This is tough.

Ordered more antifreeze for Kathy’s truck. We will have it looked at on Monday. Something is leaking.


I’m looking forward to taking my initial flight. I have all the equipment I need, plus the insurance is squared away. Need good flying weather when it’s not quite so cold! I’m practicing on flight sims in the evening.



Always great to see my girls!

K met us at Waffle House a little later.

First task after picking up Everly was to deposit checks. Alas, the machine was down.

Brushed, untangled and braided Everly’s hair.

Trimmed her nails. The Kit Kat is her reward. I’m not trimming them very much. If I hurt her, it takes a long time before she lets me try again.

Also got her to brush her teeth.

Tomorrow will be the bang trim.

Paid bills.

I’ll pick up Jesse this evening. I dropped her off at 11:00 AM.

The third time I went by the bank the ATM worked.

While Everly and I waited for Penelope, I used my Flight Tracker App.

Replaced the batteries for the smoke alarms.

Took the girls over to El Torerros for chips, salsa and cheese dip. Made Penelope so happy.

They are still doing the earthwork on the property across from Azalea. It looks like it will be a massive undertaking.

Helped the kids with their homework for hours. Cold.

Started drizzling on the way home.



Checked the mail at the office.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cold! Anthony! Fluids! Azalea! 1.12.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:43 pm  


Life is Ruf.

I purchased some insurance from DJI to cover my drone in case of an accident. DJI is a Chinese company and sometimes it’s hard to understand what their website is saying.

I called Atlanta Hobby and they explained to me what to do in regard to activating the insurance. Felt better about that.

It was a cold day. Whenever it gets below 60 in my room, I start to feel it. It’s never that big a deal. I just dress for it.


I’m studying aviation again. Drones are a great way to experience the sky. I used my Flightradar24 app today. Point it at a plane and it shows all the flight information and a picture. So cool.

I heard this word today.

Added coolant to Kathy’s truck. I added this whole container and it still needs more. It has a small leak somewhere.

Never too much girl time.

I’ve really been able to use my Spanish a lot lately. It’s very gratifying.

I just realized that 781 is more than two years. Huh.

I also saw that Duolingo has opened up three new “trees” of study for Spanish. That’s months and months worth of work. I used to be able to place out of whole sections. Now, I really benefit from doing all the lessons.

Checked the levels in my car and gassed her up.

Had a fun talk with my buddy Anthony.

Helped the kids at the mission.


Picked up medicine for K and J.

Got the groceries.

Processed checks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Grandgirls! Jon! Dryer! Azalea! 1.11.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:50 pm  



I’m not sure how good this insurance will be, but at least I have it.

Soon I’ll be going to Alabama for a big mission conference. This type of conference is becoming rare.


Cold today.

Great to see my girls again!

Sunrise ball of flame.


I had my appliance guy come over and take a look at the dryer again. I wanted to verify what the readings were coming off of the plug to show my electrician.

One side of the 220 phase line was not working. It should have been more than double this reading.

Ordered groceries.

I’ve been studying aeronautical charts again.

I’d like to listen to Air Traffic Control. There are some apps for that!

Jess was having a great time showing Everly the treasure box.

We had a good time seeing “Uncle Jon” at Metro Cafe.

Everly and I went to Walmart to check on meds. I always find the innards of machines interesting. It reminds me of some of the video games I play.

I have a tendency to make everything a learning opportunity. This is the asphalt that is across from Azalea Place Apartments. I asked Everly why she thought it was broken up. Why do you think?

Lots of heavy machinery messes it up big time. Eventually, they’ll completely redo the whole parking lot.

Helped the kids with their homework. It was super cold.

I told the kids that I guessed only about 5 out of 100 average adults could do these 6th grade math problems. They are multi-stage problems that most people just couldn’t figure out.

Two of the girls at the mission got phones over Christmas. I talked to them about the importance of screen protectors. I chatted in Spanish to their Mom about it. I’ll get them on Amazon and she’ll give me cash. One of the sisters helps me at the mission a lot.

All of the conversation with the Dryer repairman was also in Español.

Miles was studying too! He’s such a great guy. He’ll be taking the Arborist test soon. It looks hard.


My electrician came by this evening to swap out the breaker for the dryer. Works great now.

Tax season is nigh.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “PreReview.” So good.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Drone! Podcast! Anthony! Rest! 1.10.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:05 pm  

I’m not feeling great. Still stopped up and tired all the time. I’m doing my best to rest.

I’m still working on all the elements I need to fly my new drone. I’m researching the insurance for it now.

I find Eric Barker’s blog very interesting.

Jesse brought me some Thai fried rice home from work. So good.



Cold and clear!

Great talk with my buddy Anthony this morning. He always cracks me up.

I flew my little drone around inside. Most of my practice is with simulators.


Took some clothes to Goodwill.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “Mission Check.”

Took Jess to work. Will pick her up later.

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